Why A Magician? Think of it as a small investment to guarantee your guest enjoy your day and remember your wedding for years to come. You have stressed out over the planning of the wedding. You’ve made perfect choices for the ceremony and reception venues, photographers and flowers, seating arrangements, food and drink, the cakes and musical entertainment. But you have failed to plan for one unfortunate event practically every wedding experiences - “The Gap”. 

" Thank you so much for doing magic at our reception. You were certainly a big hit! "        (Emily and Rustin)

What is the Gap?  The Gap is the one portion of the wedding experience often overlooked in your planning. The Gap is that window of time immediately following the ceremony leading up to the arrival of the bridal party at the reception. It can be an hour - it can be longer. While you are laughing with your friends taking pictures, your reception guest are growing bored as they await your arrival. The DJ or band can play music but tradition requires no one dance until you arrive. It can be a problem - I have the solution.

"We’d both just like so say a HUGE thank you for entertaining our guests, and us, at our daughter’s wedding reception.  You want your guests to be content while they wait for the wedding party to arrive at your reception.  Tommy did an outstanding job working through the crowd with his awesome and totally entertaining magic.  We had so many guests tell us that they didn’t even realize they were waiting for the bride and groom! For any parents of the bride looking for wonderful entertainment before the reception gets officially started, we highly recommend Tommy Ellison and his magic - it’s truly “magical”.                   (Mom and Dad of the Bride)

How Does Wedding Magic Work?... Serving as your special host, I’ll meet and greet your guests, entertaining a few people at a time. If your guests are seated, they’ll get a short performance at their table - usually after eating. If they’re mingling, I’ll mingle with them. I specialize in fun, sophisticated sleight-of-hand liberally sprinkled with good, clean humor. My magic will set the perfect tone for the evening.

I usually perform at the reception during the cocktail hour. I’ll start once the guests arrive at the reception site, and finish when the bride and groom make their formal entrance. If desired, I can also stay to entertain seated guest not dancing so that all may feel they tooare a part of your special evening.

“This isn’t a magic show on a stage…  I mix and mingle with your guests during the cocktail hour and after dinner while performing incredible magic inches from their eyes.”

Magician Tommy Ellison performs what is called Close-up magic. This style of sleight of hand magic has been described as the ultimate experience in magical entertainment. It's magic that is performed within inches of the audience and usually witnessed from all angles. Close-up magic is by far the most challenging magic to perform. The up close, intimate nature of this art form makes it the strongest form of magical entertainment.